Links with Woods Hole

Professor David Lamb visited Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in New England in Spring 2015 with support from the Royal Society International Award scheme.In an ongoing two year collaboration with Professor John Stegeman and Dr. Jed Goldstone in the Center for Oceans and Human Health in Biology an investigation of cytochromes P450 in viruses was undertaken. Swansea was the first to confirm and characterise cytochromes P450 from viral genomes in 2009, these were previously found in the cellular Kingdoms of Life. Additionally, new lines of research examining the P450 systems of zebrafish, a model organism for the study of vertebrate embryogenesis and development, was initiated. Interestingly Prof Lamb is also working on streptomycetes and antibiotics and occupied laboratories previously used by the Nobel Laureate Selman Waksman who identified streptomycin.