Dr Ann Hunter

Research Officer


BSc (Hons) Chemistry and Analytical Science (University of Wales, Swansea, 1990)

PhD in Chromatographic, Capillary Electrophoretic and Mass Spectrometric Studies of Proteins and Smaller Biomolecules (Mass Spectrometry Research Unit, Univeristy of Wales, Swansea 1994)


PMC-101 Organic Chemistry: An Introduction for Life Sciences

PMC-102 Chemical Analysis: from Composition to Structure Elucidation; an Introduction for Life Sciences

PM-273 Advances in Toxicology: Pick your Poison

PM-355 Drug Development and Regulation

PMLM01 Analytical Techniques for Medicinal Chemistry and Nanomedicine



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Educational Resources

Waters Corp, Owen RN, Hunter AP, Wyatt MF. ACQUITY QDa Practical MS Education Package. Item no. 715005631 Waters Corp (2018).


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